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Introducing The Better Spreader

  • Ground driven lime/fertilizer spreader.
  • 1000lbs hopper capacity
  • Heavy 14 gauge stainless steel
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Adjustable feed rate.  Perfect for minimal dusting to several ton/acre.
  • 48" hopper width
  • Weight: 275lbs

Other Features

  • Stops spreading when you stop pulling.
  • Automatically compensates for varied rates of travel to allow for consistent and accurate application.
  • Lower profile for easier loading and more stable operation.

Superior in material, design, and function to any lime/fertilizer spreading implement available.

If you want an implement that will last for a'll choose The Better Spreader.



Item 1 Description


Item 1 Description


Item 1 Description

  Price: $2400.00 plus standard shipping of $250.00
*Note: If actual shipping is more than $250.00, you will NOT be charged any additional charges