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Introducing The Better Spreader

  • Ground driven lime/fertilizer spreader.
  • 1000lbs hopper capacity
  • Heavy 14 gauge stainless steel
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Adjustable feed rate.  Perfect for minimal dusting to several ton/acre.
  • 48" hopper width
  • Weight: 275lbs

Other Features

  • Stops spreading when you stop pulling.
  • Automatically compensates for varied rates of travel to allow for consistent and accurate application.
  • Lower profile for easier loading and more stable operation.

Superior in material, design, and function to any lime/fertilizer spreading implement available.

If you want an implement that will last for a'll choose The Better Spreader.



Item 1 Description


Item 1 Description


Item 1 Description

  Price: $2400.00 plus standard shipping of $300.00
*Note: If actual shipping is more than $300.00, you will NOT be charged any additional charges. Dock OR fork truck required at delivery location. Additional delivery charges will be incurred if unable to unload. Depot delivery available upon request.