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So you want to plant a food plot?

Anyone who's picked up a hunting magazine in the last several years knows the value of food plots where herd health and large antlers are concerned. As hunters, QDM practitioners, and food plot enthusiasts have increased in number, so has our desire to know more about deer nutrition and what is required to achieve superior quality food plots to provide that nutrition.

Specialized whitetail forages have become a huge business in our country. But the fact remains that no matter what you spend on seed and fertilizer, your plots will not be as productive without the use of lime.

It has been estimated that 7 out of 10 acres of tillable land in the eastern half of the United States are acidic and require liming for maximum crop production.

Acidic soils actually inhibit plants from drawing nutrients from the soil, and will greatly decrease the effectiveness of fertilization. Many experts actually advise that if it is only financially viable to perform either liming or fertilizing in a given plot, your money is best spent on liming.

What does lime actually do?


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