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Frequently Asked Questions

Why stainless steel?

The purchase of a specialized piece of equipment is a significant investment. That is why we designed The Better Spreader to be multifunctional and that is also why we built it using stainless steel construction. When you invest in a piece of equipment, it should last a lifetime.


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What is the hopper capacity?

Even with its low profile, and 4' hopper width, The Better Spreader will hold 1,000 lbs of pulverized lime.


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Do I need to disengage the agitator/drive mechanism for transport?

No. The unique design of our agitator system does not require that it be disengaged for transport, either full or empty.


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What is the distribution feed rate?

Our two stage delivery system allows for nearly infinite adjustability when applying material. From a light dusting to several tons per acre.


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What are the physical dimensions of the unit?

The Better Spreader measures just 62" from outside the wheels, is 33" from the ground to the top of the hopper, has a 48" distribution width, and has a 57" length from the center of the drive line to the hitch point.

Our goal was to design a compact unit that could easily be transported to remote food plots though the woods on existing ATV trails and from one location to another on a small trailer or pickup bed.


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How much does the unit weigh?

Approximately 270 lbs.


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How does the unit attach to my tractor, lawn mower, or ATV?

The Better Spreader comes with a 5/8" pin style hitch.


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Is it necessary to maintain a specific travel rate to evenly distribute material?

No. This feature is extremely beneficial. Other spreader designs require a constant, and often specific rate of travel to maintain even distribution once the drop mechanism is opened, and will continue to deposit material even if you stop moving. This is not the case with The Better Spreader. The first stage of our two stage delivery system acts as a metering device which turns one revolution for each revolution of the wheels. This means that as the travel rate varies, the rotary meter maintains a one-to-one ratio with the wheel rotation, regardless of travel speed. This allows for consistent application at varied rates of travel, and should you stop completely, the rotary shaft blocks continued run out until you resume spreading.


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What is the cost of The Better Spreader?

Even with stainless steel construction and what is a clearly superior design over other material spreaders available, we realize that the price must be competitive We strive toward efficient production so that we are able to offer the best product available at a reasonable price. For current pricing and shipping rates, please click here.


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How do I order my Better Spreader unit?

We encourage you to e-mail us or better still, to call us directly so that we can get to know you, your needs, and what you can expect from The Better Spreader unit you purchase.


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