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How did The Better Spreader come About?

As an avid hunter and growing food plot enthusiast, my kids bought me a gift card to Shamel Milling, which is a farm and feed store near my home that also has an excellent food plot supply inventory. There I met Jason Engel whose family owns the mill. When he found out that my background was specialized in stainless steel fabrication, he told me of his desire to acquire a stainless steel lime/fertilizer spreader for rental to his food plot customers.

After several conversations concerning design requirements, I was charged with the task of designing and building a stainless steel unit. I immediately searched the internet to see what was available, and after long hours of research, I came to the conclusion that we could indeed design and build a unit that was superior, both in functionality and material, to anything else that was currently being produced.

The prototype was built from less expensive carbon steel. After a few refinements we gave it a test run. After a few more refinements and several more tests, we felt that we had achieved our goal. The first official Better Spreader, stainless steel lime/fertilizer spreader was delivered and became available for rental, to rave reviews.

At that point, we felt that we should make The Better Spreader available to others and began producing units to sell.

We are a small family owned business and we still produce each unit to order. We take great pride in our craftsmanship so that each customer will receive a high quality hand crafted product.